What a wedding! Pure enjoyment and fun! Never I had I ever had a groom and bride rock out and sing to their guests. Absolute LOVE!

Thanks to Sean and Sharon for showing me a great time! You make this job worth while 😀 Thanks to Adrian, as always for being my partner in crime 😀


Thinking back now to all the blog posts I’ve done, I think at some point I said I was going to start posting shorter blog posts. Let the photos do all the talking for me. I haven’t really done that.  Its hard for me to stick to anything new. But today…and now…I think just like with this session, I’m gonna keep the writing short and sweet 😀

So enjoy these happy pictures! Lots of love for Payton and Kennedy 😀




Nothing like celebrating a first birthday! So happy to meet Jiyah and her wonderful family for a mini session.  The focus of the day was mainly Jiyah. Sweet and Adorable!

We did the session at my new favorite place Bartlett Arboretum and Gardens in Stamford CT.  I need to go back and explore more because the place was absolutely beautiful.  It will be my next day trip out with my pups and hubby.

Here are a few of my favorite photos! Love her hair bands! Baby girls also have the best dresses!



Meet Baby Dean! The latest addition to this lovable family! I was so happy to get an email from Mom to let me know the happy news that their family had grown and that I would get to meet this sweet little guy 😀

Photographing Dean was just like photographing his older sister Sienna. Easy peasy! Love it when its just fun and nice and I’m surrounded by cuteness! Just like his adorable sister, we photographed Dean on Dad’s hockey jersey and on the newspaper that came out the day he was born.

Here are some of some of favorite photos. Loved watching Sienna hold her baby brother. Its so cute to see how much they look like each other 😀

Thanks to Kristen and Vince for working with me again! You guys make my job a fun one!


Love! Amor! Amour! This was multilingual fun adventure for two amazing people! This wedding took place in the beautiful country of Nicaragua 😀

All you need is love and extra tissues. This wedding was full of love and emotion. Not only did I fight back the tears, but I had to stop laughing too to keep my camera straight.

Here are a few of my favorite photos from that beautiful day! Feel the love and joy!

Thanks to Cécile and Roger for letting me capture such a wonderful day. Nous vous souhaitons à tous les deux tout le bonheur du monde y mucho amor!!!