Beautiful Bride. Check! Handsome Groom. Check! The biggest bridal party I have ever photographed!! CHECK CHECK!!

Lots of love and lots of fun! Here are a some of my favorite photos from this happy wedding in New Jersey.

Thanks to Mary and Brett for working with me! So happy and excited for you both and I wish you nothing but the best! And many thanks to Adrian for putting up with my music for the 6 hour commute! Love you!


No matter how hard you try, you will never be as cool as Dominick! He’s got style, looks, and a kick ass car! He’s also got a loving family and a mom and dad who make their son feel like a champ 😀

Check out my favorite photos of Dominick. Isn’t his car the coolest thing ever!? And you can’t go wrong with Mickey. Love it! As always his super star mom did a fantastic job with backdrops and props.  Anything is possible and doable with creativity and some help from Pinterest 😉

Thanks to Melissa and Dawin for always working with me. You and your family always make me feel so welcomed and loved 😀


Lucky me gets to work with this awesome family every year! And this time around we thought it be great to do photos in the Fall instead of the “summer,summer time…” (humming that old tune) The day was beautiful and sunny like a great summer day, but it was OH SO COLD!! SO COLD! Like winter cold – which wasn’t cool considering we had some warm and humid days in October?? Why weather?? Why!? I guess we picked the wrong day for Mother Nature.

No matter! This family stayed warm with their love and smiles 😀 Enjoy some of my favorite photos from that day! It’s so great to see how big Silas and Theo are getting. Such handsome and lovable brothers!

Thanks to Megan and Joe for working with me again.  I hope to have a loving family like yours someday 😀



What a wedding! Pure enjoyment and fun! Never I had I ever had a groom and bride rock out and sing to their guests. Absolute LOVE!

Thanks to Sean and Sharon for showing me a great time! You make this job worth while 😀 Thanks to Adrian, as always for being my partner in crime 😀


Thinking back now to all the blog posts I’ve done, I think at some point I said I was going to start posting shorter blog posts. Let the photos do all the talking for me. I haven’t really done that.  Its hard for me to stick to anything new. But today…and now…I think just like with this session, I’m gonna keep the writing short and sweet 😀

So enjoy these happy pictures! Lots of love for Payton and Kennedy 😀