Meet Baby Maddie

This sweet little honey bee was born back in May! I was so excited to get the email to set up a newborn session to meet and photograph Maddie.

Couldn’t be happier for this great family. I was happy to see Big Sister Ellie swoon over her little baby sister 😀 I can tell Maddie is gonna be a great kiddo just like Ellie. OH THE CUTENESS!!!

Here are a few of my favorite photos from that lovely May day. I loved how we used the same props as we did for Big Sister Ellie’s Newborn Session – we used Mom’s wedding dress and Mom’s baby blanket that is still intact after all these years and lots of snuggles from the whole family!! 😀 😀

Thanks again to Kerri and Ralph for working with me again. Ellie and Maddie are so lucky to have you both as parents!