There’s always some emails you look forward to getting and one of them is for a request for a maternity session, especially when its from a family you’ve been working with for a few years now. I was so thrilled and excited for the happy news Melissa shared with me!

So after a few rounds of rescheduling – due to unpredictable weather, we finally had our session towards the end of June. Poor Melissa was having contractions during our session, but she toughed it out to capture these wonderful photos.

Her family as always was so sweet and cute. I can’t get over how big Dom and Mia have gotten. And now they have another sibling to play with.

Here are a few of my favorite photos. So happy we got to do it at one of my favorite locations called Skyland Manor in NJ. I just wish I was closer to me so I could visit all the time!

Congrats to Melissa and Dawin on having a baby girl!! I can’t wait to meet her!!


“Summer breeze, makes me feel fine, blowing through the jasmine in my mind….” This is my song whenever I’m thinking of one of my favorite places to visit – California. I believe this is our third vacation out there. We did another road trip. We started in LA, made stops in Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, Monterrey, Pinnacles National Park and drove back down to the Anaheim area because this girl HAS to visit Micky Mouse!!

Here are some of my photos from this happy and awesome trip! I sometimes wish I could live there! I’ll keep dreaming – California Dreaming!

For most people I think they write “take me back” when it comes to vacations that were on a beach or tropical place. But for me, my TAKE ME BACK is London and the UK.

I think part of the reason I avoided editing these photos or sharing them was because I didn’t want to miss this adventure we had. We had such an awesome time! One of the best trips we ever took together. We started our fun trip in London and made our way to up to Edinburgh. There was so much to see and so much to photograph.

My favorite stop was in Liverpool where we did a Beatles Tour. There I actually didn’t take my camera. I wanted to really immerse myself without being distracted. I did take a few ( I mean many!!) on my phone though. Beatles fan for life!! They were my first loves 😉

A million thanks to my amazing husband Chris who made this wonderful trip possible.

Its crazy to think that come September I’ll be seeing this sweet couple again to photograph their wedding. Time flies when your having fun and time always seems to fly by quicker in the summer!

Meet Brittany and Andrew. Easy going and loving, these two were so easy to photograph. The weather on the other hand had other plans for each time we were meant to have this photo session. Luckily for us the third reschedule was the charm.

Here are a few of my favorite photos. I really should do more sessions at Tarrywile Park & Mansion in CT. There’s just so many pretty spots there for pictures 😀

Thanks to Brittany and Andrew for working with me! Can’t wait to see you guys in September!


Here’s a little session I had back in June. I always look forward to seeing this lovely family, even if the kiddos aren’t looking forward to having their picture taken. Either way I know I was smiling!!

Here are a few of my favorite photos. Once Theo had his peanut butter sandwich – he was a complete ham 😀 Silas on the other hand was just not the happy camper. But thats ok…sometimes you just don’t feel like having a strange lady take your pictures.

Thanks to Joe and Megan for working with me again. I know the session didn’t go as planned. but I appreciate the mini walk through Tarrywile Park together 🙂