Mini Summer Family Session

Here’s a little session I had back in June. I always look forward to seeing this lovely family, even if the kiddos aren’t looking forward to having their picture taken. Either way I know I was smiling!!

Here are a few of my favorite photos. Once Theo had his peanut butter sandwich – he was a complete ham 😀 Silas on the other hand was just not the happy camper. But thats ok…sometimes you just don’t feel like having a strange lady take your pictures.

Thanks to Joe and Megan for working with me again. I know the session didn’t go as planned. but I appreciate the mini walk through Tarrywile Park together 🙂


Maribel & Mike’s Engagement Session

So much joy for these two love birds!! I can’t wait for September to come around to celebrate and capture their big day!

We had a great day at the fantastic Harkness Memorial State Park in Connecticut. I wish I lived closer to this wonderful location – so much to see and so much to photograph there – why must you be so far away!! If only I could teleport there!!

Luckily for me Mike and Maribel made the hike down with me to make the most of the beautiful day and location. Here are a few of my favorite photos.

I end this blog post with the lyrics to what will be thier wedding song “Till There was You”

“Then there was music and wonderful roses, in sweet fragrant meadows, of dawn and dew, there was love all around, but I never heard it singing, no I never heard it at all, till there was you…”

Meet Baby Lakshmi

Love it when I get to photograph cute baby newborn sessions back to back! Meet baby Lakshmi! This adorable little girl was nothing but sweet and adorable during the session. Couldn’t get over her cuteness!

Big Brother Linus was also a little charmer and he did a great job of showing me his sister’s nursery, how much he loved her, his blue teddy bear and vanilla jesus…long story but a funny one 😉

Here are a few of my favorite photos. Lakshmi looks so chic wearing her flowery bow wrap 😀 Wish I could wear something like that and look just as cute!

Thanks to Samantha and Rohan for working with me. Both of your kiddos and doggos were so very lovely to meet 😀 😀


Meet Baby Maddie

This sweet little honey bee was born back in May! I was so excited to get the email to set up a newborn session to meet and photograph Maddie.

Couldn’t be happier for this great family. I was happy to see Big Sister Ellie swoon over her little baby sister 😀 I can tell Maddie is gonna be a great kiddo just like Ellie. OH THE CUTENESS!!!

Here are a few of my favorite photos from that lovely May day. I loved how we used the same props as we did for Big Sister Ellie’s Newborn Session – we used Mom’s wedding dress and Mom’s baby blanket that is still intact after all these years and lots of snuggles from the whole family!! 😀 😀

Thanks again to Kerri and Ralph for working with me again. Ellie and Maddie are so lucky to have you both as parents!


Barbara & Yuewen’s Engagement Session

YAY to love!! So happy to be sharing in this engagement session I had about a month ago. Time flies! So much so that later today I’ll be photographing their wedding and I’m so happy that the weather is finally acting right for their special day.

Here are a few of my favorite photos from the session at Harkness Memorial Park. This place is so great! One of my favorite locations.

Thanks to Barbara and Yuewen for working with me! I don’t remember that last time I was booked on short notice but I’m grateful I had the day free for you both!!