Mackenzie Turns One

You don’t know how excited I was to meet Mackenzie!  I only met her when she was hanging out inside mommy’s belly.  After seeing lots of pictures of her on facebook, I was happy to finally get the chance to capture her cute smile!

The session was a combo session.  Birthday Portrait and Holiday pictures. Three quick outfit changes, a shoe missing here and there, and some wonderful props.  I seriously am jealous of Mackenzie and her awesome tepee that her mom made 😀 A fantastic birthday gift! Now I gotta try and convince my hubby that its something we need in our home 😉

Here are a few of my favorite photos.  I really wish I had a bite of the yummy cake that Mackenzie smashed (ultimate favorite is yellow cake and white frosting) The only thing Mackenzie wanted at the end of the session was her bottle and no more cake.  I can only imagine that the cake was as sweet as her.

Thanks to Kate and Ty for working with me again.  Its always so nice to see you and I appreciate all the referrals you send my way .  You guys are the best!! 😀