Eddie & Sonia’s Wedding

Back in June I had the wonderful pleasure in photographing Sonia and Eddy’s Wedding. It was a hot and sticky day in June ( I dont think I ever sweated so much!) But the heat could not take away from the joyous and happy occasion.

I had met Sonia a couple of months ago.  I loved her right away, especially her baking skills.  She was a woman after my own heart and she had a cupcake she had baked, waiting for me while we discussed the details of the wedding.  Sonia is beyond sweet and I think its why her skills in baking are extra special.  She was very much involved in all the wedding details and cooked ALL the yummy desserts that the guests (including me) enjoyed!

I loved every moment of the ceremony! There was laughter, smiles, and even tears as Eddy and Sonia celebrated their love for each other.  I loved capturing all the emotions and even had to fight back some tears while doing so.

Here are a few of my favorite photos.  A million thanks to Sonia and Eddy for having me be a part of the celebration.  Your friends and family made me feel very welcomed and I know that I and my assistants had a blast!  I’ll always think of you Sonia whenever I eat a yummy cupcake…I may need to hire you to do my wedding some day 🙂

Another thank you to Dan and Alissa for all your help.  I loved all the laughs and dancing we did 🙂





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