James & Brendan’s Wedding

I LOVE MY JOB!! I really do feel lucky when I get to capture such a special day for a loving couple.  James and Brendan had a wonderful wedding that was full of LOVE! Every detail and every moment was carefully planned out by them.  What really made it special for me was to see how supportive and loving their families were. They were very much involved in the joyous occasion.  After the wedding I wanted to be a part of their family!  Truly awesome people 🙂

So I thought like before I would list just a few of my favorite moments from their special day…

1.  Meeting with Brendan and James as they got ready.  There were a lot of laughs and some talk of Madonna. I’m sad to say to Brendan that I didn’t get a chance to see her perform at MSG 🙁 I decided to be a good girl and stay home to do edits…wah wah wah.

2.  The Ceremony was so beautiful…I had to fight back tears.

3.  BEST MUSIC EVER!!! Everyone was dancing and I mean everyone! It got hard sometimes for me to even take pictures. Loved it!

4.  I had my own little dancing moment when on a break eating my dinner.  I heard the DJ playing a song by the Scissor Sisters and I just had to boogie a bit (I’m a big fan!)

5.  The song that Brendan and James cut their wedding cake to. “Life’s a Happy Song” from The Muppet Movie.  I downloaded it after the wedding…I’m thinking it maybe a theme for my big day…someday…I’m sure my boyfriend’s eyes are rolling haha.

6.  I know I mentioned it before but the MUSIC! and the DANCING! SO GREAT!!

Here a few of my favorite photos from that nice September day.  Enjoy 🙂

A million thanks to Brendan and James for having me be there for your wedding.  Having worked with you I can see how “everybody wants to party with you”  All I can say is Awesome! You guys are just Awesome 🙂

Another thank you to Dan and Alyssa. Always fun to dance with you guys. Thanks for all the help 🙂

xoxo Maria


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