It’s hard for me to write about myself.  I’m better at expressing myself with movie quotes, silly lines, and of course my camera!  I won’t write the cliché’ of saying that “I grew up with a camera in my hand” because that isn’t true. What is true is that for the past 10 years (WOW! Where did the time go!?) I have been using my camera and photography skills to capture everything from beautiful weddings to tiny little newborns.

A fellow friend and photographer recently asked me if I considered myself a wedding photographer or a portrait photographer? I paused and pondered “should I buy this washi tape?” (my inner monologue while chatting in Michael’s) then eventually answered back – BOTH! Duh!

Some quick things (you can get the full story about my tiny little world in the “Behind The Camera” section)

I consider myself more than just a “wedding factory”…

–        I learned my craft at The Hallmark Institute of Photography.  It was here where I learned how vast the world of photography really is which made me appreciate the artistry all the more!

–        I bettered my skills when I started working at a high end portrait studio and was exposed to a wide range of clients (I miss the hums of the battery packs turning on).

–        I “ventured” out on my own to start my own business (hats off to those who know what I mean)

–        I’ve been behind a camera now for 10 years and it still feels like yesterday that I started doing this as a career and not as a hobby.

–        As of right now I don’t have my own “studio.”  I shoot on location (parks, beaches, etc.) or in the comfort of your own home.

–       Just like my shoes I don’t think I could ever own enough cameras!

–    I wish life were song! To break out and dance to like in all my favorite musicals!



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